Posting Guidelines

The Posting Guidelines have been developed to provide guidance on what is appropriate to have posted onto the the RAEME History Website.  For a submission to be suitable for display the following is to be complied with:

  • The Author must agree to the publishing terms "By agreeing to publish you are confirming that the information and/or images you provide are yours to give (do not breach copyright) and that you agree to grant free and unrestricted use of the information and/or images provided to the RAEME Associations (comprising of all states and territories and endorsed by Australian Army Head of Corp RAEME) of Australia as a collective to use at their discretion."
  • Submissions are to be free from advertising.
  • Submissions are to be free of needless profanities.
  • Images are to be appropriate for public consumption, taking into consideration good taste and nudity.
  • Submission content is not to have any Security Implications. For example: Showing photos of serving members currently serving overseas which have not been cleared.
  • Submissions are to relate directly to the RAEME Corp.
  • Submissions should not contain or condone any form of racism or derogatory comments.

Before you make a submission, take five minutes and apply the "60 Minutes Rule"; if you think that any part of your submission would be of interest to a 60 minutes reporter to be portrayed in a negative light, don't submit it!