Submission Work Flow

To have an article published onto the site you need to:

  1. Register as a User/Author - Click HERE for the How to Guide.
  2. Complete the Submission form - This allows for unlimited text and up to ten photos. Click HERE for the How to Guide.
  3. Once your submission has been reviewd and approved, it will be published!

To ensure that the integrity of information presented on the site is maintained, a few checks have been included prior to a submission being published.  The first check is that at a valid email address is provided at the time of registry.  This will discourage people from submitting rubbish.  Only registered users can submit an article for inclusion on the site.

The second and third checks are conducted by different people to ensure that the content being offered it appropriate for the site.  The submission needs to be approved by two people before it can be published to the site.  See below to view the approval work flow.

Article Submission Work Flow

Article Submission Work Flow Diagram (Click to enlarge)

The approval process is not meant to be difficult to pass!  The site has been designed to allow the authors to determine the content and how it is categorised.  The Approvers role is to ensure that the content meets the basic requirements for posting.  These requirement are primarily that the submission does not breach copyright, pertains to RAEME and is not offensive.  To view the posting guidelines click HERE.   If, for what ever reason, the submission is rejected and the author is not happy with the reasons given, they can email their concern via the Contact Us page.  The article will then be independantly reviewed.  Should the submisison be rejected, the author will be informed in detail the reasons for non acceptance. 

The act of making a submission will require the user to agree to specific terms and conditions around future use of the article.  The author has to agree to the following condition before a submission will be accepted:

"By submitting the article you are confirming that the information and/or images you provide are yours to give (do not breach copyright) and that you agree to grant free and unrestricted use of the information and/or images provided to the RAEME Associations (comprising of all states and territories and endorsed by Australian Army Head of Corp RAEME) of Australia as a collective to use at their discretion."

The aim of the declaration is to provide some basic protection against copyright breaches.  Upon notification that an article on the website breaches copyright (or any other law) the article will be removed from the site immediately.  A copy of the notification will also be forwarded to the author of the article.