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58610 Major Leslie John Herbert Power (Sydney 9 Oct 1937 – Perth 1 Nov 2016)

John Power was a man that did RAEME proud!  He had a distinguished career, served our country overseas and continued to support defence members current and past through advocacy until his passing in November 2016.

"Major John Power MID who as Capt OC 1Fd Sqn Wksp RAEME Nui Dat was given credit for his part in the development of the loose tyre outrigger fitted on HM Flit the M113A1 that became the eradication solution to the dreaded barrier minefield that was responsible for around 40% of Aust Army casualties around Phouc Tuy when the enemy reset our mines to their advantage." (Norm Wells)

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7389 WO1 Leslie John Hildebrandt

WO1 “Guns” Leslie John Hildebrandt enlisted in the regular army from his home town of Bendigo as an apprentice on the 29th May, 1941. He was aged just 15 and he would not have known then, that he was part of the famous ‘first 100’ apprentice entrants into the Australian Army. For more interesting information on the First 100 please check the archives of “The Craftsman” and in particular issues 1 – 3.

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